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NW Bird Rescue

Bird Man's Excotic Bird Sanctuary and Orphanage Inc. And Northwest Bird Rescue and Adoption Orphanage Inc. A Not for Profit Organization, est. 2002

Christopher "Birdman" Driggins is an angel indeed for needy parrots and other birds.

Please visit Northwest Bird Rescue here: http://www.nwbirdrescue.com/


Christopher Birdman Driggins Embraces Umbrella Cockatoo  2

A Guardian Angel for birds indeed!


Christopher “Bird Man” is a guardian angel for birds.  He is so dedicated to rescuing and helping helpless birds.

Please visit Northwest Bird Rescue here: http://www.nwbirdrescue.com/


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Bird Tricks Free Audio Tapes
Eaves Drop on 2 professional parrot trainers for over 70 minutes as they talk about every parrot problem they have ever run into

I ordered the Main Parrot Training Course for my Birthday this past May. I was so impressed with the Audio, and Video that I wanted other people to be able to get a hold of these courses. I have 2 cockatiels and they love to watch the training videos with me. Chet Womach and his brother Dave are so wonderful to watch and they have very cool music that go along with the videos. I only have seen one video and I was so impressed! Me and my birds just love watching Chet and Dave train their big parrots. I am going to have to purchase the Parakeet/Cockatiel Training Course especially for my cockatiels, Baby and Beenie.

I did purchase the Parakeet/Cockatiel Training Course, and I have only had time to watch a little bit of part 1 and part 2. Dave is sensational with the little yellow parakeet! You can see his magical touch working on the parakeet. And the parakeet is so cute. Dave talks about breeding and he has great knowlege of pet birds.

Chet's Testomonials

Read letters and watch 'home movies' from REAL PEOPLE who used my system to transform their vicious, screaming birds... Into friendly, loving, trick-trained pets -- often in less than 3 sessions!


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